East Cape Offshore Two-Day Format a Winner

  • Gary Graham -That Baja Guy
  • Jul 31, 2019

When 2018’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament punctured the One Million Dollar mark last year with its two-day format, the Bisbee Team heeded the input of its participants who urged the East Cape Offshore to match the LCOT format. 

This year’s ECO will be hosted by the Valdez Family and their staff at the Buena Vista Beach Resort, Aug. 1-4, with fishing days Aug. 2 and 3.

Registrations to date reflect the popularity of the change of format. Sensing a chance at part of the hoped-for MILLION DOLLAR PURSE, six of last year’s 11 winning teams have already registered for this year’s event.

As registration day looms, more and more of the ECO fleet has taken advantage of the extra day to pre-fish and scout in the areas covered by the grid.

Striped marlin have dominated the billfish scene with multiple releases not uncommon. As the sea temps have climbed, the number of blues, blacks, and sailfish spotted, hooked, and released have grown recently.

Of course, the striped marlin numbers will certainly create interest in the release division as teams compete for those coveted top three spots that will earn both cash and bragging rights for the winners.

Based on the recent results in the Dorado Shootout, it is a safe bet that the yellowfin tuna may overwhelm the dorado in the Gamefish Division in both quantity and size at the weigh station open on the beach in front of the Buena Vista Beach Resort between 7am and 7pm.

Understandably, the teams out scouting and pre-fishing haven’t been eager to share information about their travels.  When asked, most either respond with a shake of their head while practicing their best poker face, or they just turn and walk away.

          However, it isn’t unusual during the Aug. 1 Registration –

  • 3:00-7:00pm Registration and distribution of Team Bags at Buena Vista Beach Resort.
  • 6:30-7:00pm Captains Meeting on the pool deck. Attendance by at least one team member is mandatory.
  • 7:00-8:30pm Kick-Off Cocktail Party –

that teams often become loose-lipped after the Registration and Captains Meeting  and the Kick-off Cocktail Party often goes late into the night.

“While registration is far from over, the early numbers reflect a significant increase in the number of boats coming from Cabo, because of the ability to pre-fish and fish both days without having to refuel,” Axel Valdez, HBVR general manager observed. Continuing, “Locals here in the East Cape area appreciate not needing to lose a full week in order to participate.”

“Last year’s event awarded the largest sum ($657,125) since the first event in 2000. Will that record be broken this year and move the needle closer or perhaps above that magic million-dollar mark?” Wayne Bisbee pondered recently. “I’ll let you know on Thursday night!”