2019 Bisbee's Black & Blue Entry Information

Table of Contents

1. Early Bird Deadline

Each tournament has an Early Bird Drawing. The winner of the drawing gets a free entry to the following year’s tournament. To be eligible your paid entry (base entry only) must be received by the Early Bird Deadline. The Early Bird Deadline is the same every year. For the East Cape Offshore it is June 30, for the Los Cabos Offshore and Black & Blue it is August 31. The earlier you enter the more chances you have to win. For example, if we receive your entry to the Black & Blue in August, one chip is thrown into the pot. If we get your entry in July, you get two chips, in June, three chips, etc. The free entry is good for the following year only and is non-transferable.

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2. Entry and Payment Deadlines

 East Cape Offshore Tournament

  • June 30:  Deadline for entry into the Early Bird Drawing.
  • June 30:  Last day to withdraw and receive full refund.
  • July 19:  Check payments must be received by this date.
  • July 30:  Wire Transfers must be received by this date.
  • Aug 01:  Last day to pay by Cashier's Check.
  • Aug 01:  Last day to enter the tournament.

 Los Cabos Offshore Tournament

  • August 31:  Deadline for entry into the Early Bird Drawing.
  • August 31:  Last day to withdraw and receive full refund.
  • October 11:  Check payments must be received by this date.
  • October 15:  Wire Transfers must be received by this date.
  • October 17: Last day to pay by Cashier's Check.
  • October 17:  Last day to enter the tournament.
Black & Blue Marlin Tournament
  • August 31:  Deadline for entry into the Early Bird Drawing.
  • August 31:  Last day to withdraw and receive full refund.
  • October 11:  Check payments must be received by this date.
  • October 18:  Wire Transfers must be received by this date.
  • October 22:  Last day to pay by Cashier's Check.
  • October 22:  Last day to enter the tournament.
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3. Entry Procedure Outline

  1. Complete and submit Entry Form.
  2. We will email the Team Contact a confirmation of receipt and give you an entry number.
  3. Make payment – reference name of boat or entry number on check or wire transfer instructions. Payment does not have to accompany the entry form, but to be eligible for the Early Bird Drawing the base entry must be received by the deadline date. YOUR BOAT NAME & NUMBER MUST ACCOMPANY ANY FORM OF PAYMENT.
  4. You can enter Jackpots at any time up to the actual day of final Registration.
  5. We will email the Team Contact to verify receipt of payments.
  6. Make your reservations for a boat and place to stay if necessary. The tournament is not involved in this, but may be able to help. Just let us know.
  7. Come to Registration where you will check in, verify and add to/change your team information, enter additional jackpots, make payments, pick up your team information (rules, scorecards, etc.), pick up your team bags and attend the Captain’s Meeting.
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4. Entry Application

Entry forms in PDF format may be downloaded from the Bisbee’s website. Completed entry forms and payments should be mailed to the address on the Entry Form or emailed to info@bisbees.com.

Entry Form - English  Entry Form - Spanish

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5. Methods of Payment

We strongly advise you pay entry fees before you arrive in Mexico. Fees may be paid by personal or business check drawn on a US bank, wire transfer, cashier’s check or traveler’s check in US Dollars (USD) or Mexican Pesos (MNP). You can also pay online at www.bisbees.com We do not accept credit cards unless payment is made via the internet. If your bank is outside of the US please wire funds instead of sending a check. Cashier’s checks drawn on a US bank and Traveler’s checks are the only form of payment accepted in Mexico unless previous arrangements have been made. Make checks payable to Black & Blue Tournaments. Email tricia@bisbees.com for wire transfer details.

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6. Withdrawal From the Tournament

All withdrawals must be submitted in writing. If the withdrawal is received by the tournament’s Early Bird Deadline a full refund is made. Between the Early Bird Deadline and the day of Registration only the portion of entry fees allocated to cash awards is refunded (100% of optional fees are refunded). Once tournament fishing starts there are no refunds for any reason whatsoever.

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Team Contact

The Team Contact is the designated team leader; there can be only one Team Contact per team. The Team Contact must know how to reach each member of the team, and the contact information for the Team Contact must be complete and include a cell or local MX phone number and email address. Instructions and confirmations are sent to this person. In addition, the Team Contact is the person to whom any refunds are made payable, and signs the Disbursement Order designating how cash awards are distributed. We suggest you decide how prize money is to be distributed before the tournament.

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8. Anglers, Captains and Deckhands

There is no limit to the number of members per team, but you must sign up all team members during Registration. Anybody listed on the entry form is considered an angler including the Captain and any Deckhands. You must provide a First Name, Last Name, City and State for all team members. Team changes must be made in writing and turned in at the Weigh Station or Tournament Headquarters. Team changes are not accepted over the tournament radio. Team members may not change teams during the tournament.

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9. Prize Disbursement


Trophies are handed out on stage during the Awards Celebration. If you would like to purchase additional trophies email info@bisbees.com.


Before cash winnings are paid each team receiving a cash award must complete a Disbursement Order specifying how the funds are to be distributed. The Disbursement Order must be signed by the Team Contact as recorded on the Entry Form. Decisions pertaining to the distribution of a team’s total purse are the sole responsibility of the team members, regardless of whether an award is published as an individual or team award. Tournament Officials will not participate in decisions regarding cash distribution.


All cash awards are paid from the tournament’s Mexican bank account in US Dollars by either a MX check or a wire transfer. If a wire transfer is requested, the tournament will pay for the first wire transfer fee; for additional wire transfers (to multiple members of the same team) the tournament will deduct the wire transfer fee from winnings.


We are required by Mexican law to withhold city, state and federal taxes from tournament winnings. The amount can change from year to year, but is currently 15%.


You may deduct entry fees from your winnings to be applied toward any the following year’s tournaments.

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10. Permits and Licenses

It is the responsibility of registered boat captains and anglers to comply with all Mexican Federal and State laws regarding fishing licenses, size limits, bag limits and any other regulations that may apply. This is a requirement of Mexico and is not a tournament rule—permit and licensing infractions have no bearing on tournament results or awards. A representative from the Mexico Department of Fisheries is normally on-site during Registration at all events to sell Licenses and Permits, but this is not guaranteed. Consult the CONAPESCA website for more information (www.conapescasandiego.org) or call 619-233-4324.

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