"BRING ME A FISH!"...Wayne Bisbee

  • Gary Graham-That Baja Guy
  • Oct 23, 2022

Saturday morning, the Bisbee Fleet milled about before the Flare Gun start of the second and final day of the 2022 Los Cabos Offshore Tournament, waiting for the conclusion of Wayne's radio update of the event details as well as the recount of the activities at the scale on the first day. When Bisbee finished, he closed with a slight desperation in his voice, "BRING ME A FISH!"

Wayne give

Strong breezes and choppy seas increased the difficulty for the fleet as they strived to honor Bisbee's plea by catching or releasing either a billfish or gamefish.

According to CatchStat, the number of hookups of gamefish and billfish on Day Two was only slightly better than on Day One.

However, the Weigh Station crew, led by Weighmasters Jack Teschel and Bert Merritt, was prepared when the first team of the day, Team Anaya, arrived before the scheduled opening of the Weigh Station at 3:00 pm.

Captain Jesus Bojorquez, Anglers and Owners Michael Lester and Kay Lester, Angler Jesus Alberto Capri Ruelas, Mate David Daniel Guerrero, and Joel Skerlong, both Anglers.

Their 446-pound Black Marlin drew a small crowd of spectators strolling on the Marina side of Puerto Paraiso Mall.

A bit later, Team Reelax, Catherine Carr, Owner/Angler; Jesus Centeno, Angler; Jesus Gomez, Angler; Tiffany Meade, Angler; Juan Ortiz, Angler, and Chris Tillman, Angler, arrived with a giant Blue Marlin weighing in at 507-pounds.

Will 2 Win, Captain Scott Flores; Renan Cesena, Angler\Mate; Javier Gonzalez, Angler\Mate; Jeremy Willer, Angler and Randy Willer, Angler arrived with a Blue Marlin that didn't meet the 300-pound qualifying weight. But, not to be scorned, they also landed a very impressive dorado tipping the scale at 48.1-pounds that may turn out to be a valuable catch.

Japanese Team with Dorado

One of the four Teams landed their first dorado ever, and while they were told that the beautiful golden catch would not meet the 30-pound qualifying weight, they still insisted on bringing it to the scale for weight, photo, and, oh yeah, they planned to have it for dinner!

"Burro" Captain Eduardo Guluarte, Mauricio Guluarte, Angler\Mate, Jaime Pino Arista\Angler, AlvAro Rodriguez. Angler, Alfredo Trujillo Carrazco, Angler\Mate arrived with would turn out to be the only yellowfin tuna of the day

The last fish of the evening was a real showstopper that drew a huge crowd of spectator's intent on gawking at the monster Black Marlin, requiring all of the crew's strength to hoist the critter up high enough that the tail wouldn't drag while weighing.

John Rosenwald commented that they were tuna fishing when one of them caught a small tuna, and he decided to change tactics and use it for bait.

Early afternoon, John's rod suddenly bent as the big Black snatched the quivering fish. The fight was on and lasted for almost 6 hours! What a battle it was –  a tug of war and will. Finally, the monster came to the side of the 36' center console boat.

As one of the crew explained, "There were six on the boat, with four in their seventies. Dragging it over the transom was challenging to say the least!"

Captain Roberto Beltran, James Rosenwald, Angler/owner; Fernando Miguel Banaga Renteria. Angler/Mate; Juan Guillermo Amador, Angler/Mate; John Arnesin, Angler; Charles Bird/Angler, and James R. Koby/Angler.

How the cash gets distributed will be disclosed at Maria Corona Restaurant on Sunday night. We hope to see you there!

Wayne got what he asked for! They brought him a fish! Next time, he may want to be a little more specific

Gary Graham – That Baja Guy