Angler Billboard

The Bisbee’s Angler Billboard can be used by anglers and teams to look for additional teammates, find a boat, find a team or list equipment needed. Just email you information to and we’ll get it posted here.


I am looking for Anyone needing help with boat deliveries to or from the tournaments, crew for tournaments, ect.
Experience participating as angler in past years, mostly in the 90s and early 2000s.

Contact:  Ritchie Allen
Phone:  619 850 4286

I am already in Cabo San Lucas and ready to jump on any boat that needs an extra hand. I've been running fishing programs for the last couple of years and just got off an 82ft Viking. I am well diversed when it comes to any type of fishing and rigging baits.

Contact:  EVERT
Phone:  +1 754 971 7194

Looking for 1 or 2 anglers for our 2023 Black and Blue team! Our team was the 2022 third place team for 1.6 million $$! 

Our boat this year is a 57’ Viking. 

With boat fees and “Across the Board” entry fees of $71,500, the total cost per angler based on a team of 4 would be approximately $25k each.  If we have a 5 person team it would be about 20k each. 

Come join our team and cross this off your bucket list!


Contact:  Mike Ciardullo
Phone:  602-290-6101