Angler Billboard

The Bisbee’s Angler Billboard can be used by anglers and teams to look for additional teammates, find a boat, find a team or list equipment needed. Just email you information to and we’ll get it posted here.

Available for Crew and or deliveries to and from the Bisbee Tournaments.

Experienced Bisbee Angler

Coast Guard Licensed 200 ton master

Contact:  Ritchie Allen

2020 Black & Blue

I have a paid registration as well as some money aside for the dailies. I am looking for a solid boat, partner(s), captain and capable anglers. I live in Ottawa but have a place in Cabo. I will be in Cabo Oct 16-27 for the tournament and any planning that might need to take place. 

If you're interested or know a team that might be looking to join the Bisbee this year, please let me know. Tight lines!

Contact:  Aaron Nault
Phone:  613-371-3793

Give me a Ring

Looking for another team membert?  Give me a ring.  I'm interested!

Contact:  Tim Marquez
Phone:  818-402-6657

3 Anglers Needed onboard the Caliente

I am looking for anglers for the Black and Blue tournament. I have charted the Caliente for the tournament. I need 3 anglers who are willing to pay their share across all of the entries.

Contact:  George Vink
Phone:  +1 (904) 808-5800

2020 Los Cabos Offshore

We are looking for a couple of anglers who want to fish the 2020 Los Cabos Offshore.  We have fished that tournament 2 times already.  I have a boat that we charter every time we are down there.  Contact me if interested.

Contact:  Nathan
Phone:  916-215-4514