Angler Billboard

The Bisbee’s Angler Billboard can be used by anglers and teams to look for additional teammates, find a boat, find a team or list equipment needed. Just email you information to and we’ll get it posted here.

We have a 42’ Riviera fly bridge with 2 open spots for the Black and Blue.

Contact:  Mike
Phone:  602-290-6101

Angler - Photographer - Chef

My name is Art Berkowitz and I live locally here in San Jose del Cabo. I am interested in joining a team for the Black and Blue tournament. 

I have fished all over the world but mostly in Florida where I lived prior to Hurricane Andrew. Most of my fishing has been done nearshore fishing for snook, bonefish, sheepshead, snapper and yellowtail. Since retiring to Cabo,  I still continue to fish and have landed several marlins, the biggest weighing in at 197, nothing big enough to qualify for the Black and Blue. 

At this stage in my life, I am primarily interested in just participating in the richest tournament in the world and adding whatever expertise I can. I am an avid photographer (amateur) and chef. (I make great ceviche et al.) If anyone needs another team member to share expenses who can also provide photography and home made cooking for the team, please contact me at 949-212-1314, or E-mail

Contact:  Art Berkowitz
Phone:  949-212-1314

Lots of offshore experience!

Oklahoma oil and gas man looking to join a team for the Los Cabos and/or the Black and Blue.  Lots of offshore experience!  Won the 2008 Los Cabos with a 871lb Blue Marlin, and yes I was on the rod.  I can rig baits, experience the rod, and never late to the boat.

Contact:  Richard Saccaro
Phone:  918-916-3995