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When it comes right down to it, almost every fishing tournament breaks down like this: give us an entry form, pay fees, learn the rules, play by the rules, go fishing, win money. Oh, if it were just that easy. You’ll find all the details at the following links.

Schedule of Events

We list the overall dates for each of this year’s events, and next year’s, then break them down day by day. All of the Bisbee’s tournament events are free and open to the public except where noted. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Entry Information

This is where you’ll find information about entering the tournament, payment options, deadlines for entry, payment and withdrawal, permit requirements. It also defines the role of the Team Contact and outlines Angler, Captain and Deckhand participation, and this is where you’ll find the procedures for Prize Disbursement, otherwise known as “Where’s the Money?”. ENTRY INFORMATION

Entry Levels, Fees and Awards

The different entry levels and fees for each tournament are described here, along with the awards associated with each entry level. ENTRY LEVELS, FEES & AWARDS

Tournament Rules & Grid Maps

These are the Tournament’s Rules including the Grid Maps used to set boundaries for tournament fishing. TOURNAMENT RULES & GRID MAPS

Angling & Equipment Rules

These are the technical rules for angling behavior and allowed equipment. They include diagrams that illustrate legal and illegal line, hook and gaff arrangements. ANGLING & EQUIPMENT RULES

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